Publicaciones de Enrique Bostelmann

Rinderknecht AJ, Bostelmann E, Ubilla M. (2018). Making a giant rodent: cranial anatomy and ontogenetic development in the genus Isostylomys (Mammalia, Hystricognathi, Dinomyidae). Journal of Systematic Paleontology 16: 245-261.

Barnosky, AD, Lindsey EL, Villavicencio NA, Bostelmann E, Hadly EH, Wanket J, Marshall CH. (2016). The Variable impact of late Quaternary Defaunation in causing ecological state shifts in North and South America. PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA 113: 856-861.

López P, Mena F, and Bostelmann E. (2015). Presence of extinct bear in a pre-cultural level of Baño Nuevo-1 cave Central Patagonia, Chile. Estudios Geológicos 71: e041, 1-8.

Castro, MC, Ciancio, MR, Pacheco V, Salas Gismondi RM, Bostelmann JE, and Carlini AA. (2015). Reassessment of the hairy long-nosed armadillo “Dasypuspilosus Fitzinger, 1856 (Xenarthra, Dasypodidae) and revalidation of the genus Cryptophractus. Zootaxa 3947: 030-048.

Perea D, Ubilla M, Rinderknecht A, Bostelmann E, y Martínez S. (2013). Mamíferos y estratigrafía del Neógeno de Uruguay. En: D. Brandoni y J.I. Noriega (editores); El Neógeno de la Mesopotamia argentina. Asociación Paleontológica Argentina, Publicación Especial 14: 192–206.

Bostelmann E, Le Roux JP, Vasquez A, Gutiérrez NM, Oyarzún JL, Carreño C, Torres T, Otero R, Llanos A, Fanning CM, and Hervé F. (2013). Burdigalian deposits of the Santa Cruz Formation in the Sierra Baguales, Austral (Magallanes) Basin: Age, depositional environment and vertebrate fossils. Andean Geology 40: 458 – 489.

Rinderknecht A, Bostelmann E, and Ubilla M. (2011). New genus of giant Dinomyidae (Rodentia: Hystricognathi: Caviomorpha) from the late Miocene of Uruguay. Journal of Mammalogy 92: 169–178.

Rinderknecht A, Bostelmann E, Perea D, and Lecuona G. (2010). A new genus and species of Mylodontidae (Mammalia: Xenarthra) from the late Miocene of southern Uruguay, with comments on the systematics of the Mylodontinae. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30: 899–910.

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